Brussels European Commodity Exchange 2017

57th European Commodities Exchange 

Tour & Taxis: 12 & 13 October 2017 
Havenlaan 86c
1000 Brussel


The site is composed of large warehouses and offices surrounding a former train station. The buildings on the site are made of brick, glass and wrought iron, examples of the quality of 19th century architecture. A genuine masterpiece of civil engineering which is home to cultural events, shows, fairs and exhibitions.



The Sheds were built between 1903 and 1904 and cover more than 17,410 m² from which the 57th European Commodities Exchange occupies 9 276 m². From the neighboring platforms, where trains were able to load and unload their goods, you can admire the astonishing self-supporting metallic framework, displaying a technical prowess unique in the world. 


Tour & Taxis - Avenue du Port 86 C – 1000 Brussels

     Train: Brussels North Station ( 15 minutes walking to T&T)





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