Brussels European Commodity Exchange 2017

The possible participation formulas

To rent exclusively the Booth area


If you choose this option  you will (as booth holder) be responsible for the construction and dismantling of the booth. Please note that you have rented only the booth area. Carefully read the exhibition guide which, from January 31, 2017, will be available on the website.  


Information on prices and availability of booths: 
info ece brussels2017 com or

0032 475 64 85 96 (Luc Trommelmans)


If you choose this option, our booth builder will take care of the Construction and dismantling of your booth.

The price includes walls, carpet, electrical connection + a number of spotlights (depending on the number of square meters) and a nameplate.


All-in booth 9 m², 18 m², 27 m², 36 m².

A representation booth consisting of a table and a chair

Our booth holders shall provide a table and two chairs, where you will be able to receive your visitors.  You do NOT have a booth, no electricity and no walls,…  If, in addition to the table and chairs you require extra goods or services, you must use the order forms.


Information on prices and availability of booths: 
info ece brussels2017 com or

0032 475 64 85 96 (Luc Trommelmans)

The ordering of goods and services


On February 15 2017, an Exchange file will be available on the website containing various kinds of order forms.  Through those order forms you will be able to order additional goods and services : furniture, water connection, additional electrical connections as well as additional spotlights, ...

Solely through these order forms you may order goods and services. Kindly fill in the form, sign it and return the form to the Email address mentioned on the order form.


You can download the Exchange file here.


ece alligna freedesign be 

0032 15 55 48 26

All ordered goods and services will be billed to you by:


Industriezone Mechelen-Noord

Schaliënhoevedreef 5H

2800 Mechelen

BE 0439.758.903

Prices and invoices


Depending on the chosen participation formula (see point 1), you will receive an invoice from the  exhibition organizers.  For Belgian companies de participation fee shall be increased by 21% VAT. For foreign (non-Belgian) companies the VAT rate = 0%.


The invoices will be sent to the address indicated on the participation form and will be directed to the contact person who has completed and signed the participation form.


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