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After Hamburg, Barcelona and Torino, Brussels is hosting the 57th European Commodities Exchange.  

The European Commodities Exchange unites 38 national Exchanges from 12 European countries and has its head office at the Commodities Exchange in Strasbourg. It is the most important annual event for international agri-food commodities with more than 3 000 operators from 56 countries and approximately 120 booths, and is held each time in a different European city. The annual meeting, which has been held since 1961, is a chance to bring together all the European companies operating in the cereal, fertilizer and animal feed sectors, and sectors for other related products as well as the various services related to the world of grain (controllers, storage facilities, transport, insurance, etc.) that are interested in this broad product segment.  

The Brussels Commodity Exchange invites you to attend the 57th edition in Brussels, the bustling hub of the European Union, on the 12th and 13th of October 2017. There are two ways to participate: as a visitor or as an exhibitor.



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