Brussels European Commodity Exchange 2017


Friday 12 Octobre

9.00 H : Start from Tour & Taxis, Shed 1 to Atomium with bus

9.30  – 11.30 H:


Atomium: expo « MAGRITTE – Atomium meets Surrealism »
Visit Atomium with an exhibition specifically designed for the 60th anniversary of the Atomium who launches the visitor into the magical world of René Magritte and the surrealism. The visitor will be able to linger awhile among the clouds, the famous birds will be suspended above their heads, and they will have green apples to use as seats and discovers the secret messages hidden in his paintings, explores the extraordinary and captivating settings depicted in his masterpieces. Music to suit the setting and theatrical lighting will provide the finishing touches to the overall ambience.


ADAM ( ART & DESIGN ATOMIUM MUSEUM) situé à 150 m : “PANORAMA – A History of modern Design” ( from Horta till now) 

The exhibition brings an overview of a hundred years of modern design in Belgium. Starting with the world-famous Art nouveau style at the turn of the nineteenth century. Through objects, graphic material, pictures and original film fragments, the exhibition showcases the multiple faces of modern design in Belgium: infused with social ambitions to improve everyday life, as an economic tool to boost the national economy and as a marker of the Belgian nation on large international exhibitions.

Return at 12.00 H Tour & Taxis


Registration mandatory before 1/10/2017 by way of the registration form


Price: 35€ all inn



Nibbling through Brussels

A yummy walk with local specialties! We start at the operahouse and take you to 3 shops to taste Brussels’ finest delicacies. Going from one shop to the other our guides treat you to the most amusing stories and historical anecdotes.
Taste the best Belgian chocolates, the most luxurious biscuits and the sweetest pastries. Meanwhile our guides show you the most charming corners of this wonderful city
During  the walk we go to one of the grand cafes for a typical drink.


Friday: 12 octobre at 13.30 H
Duration: 3.00 H
Language : English
Price : € 40,00
Start and finish : Muntplein, Brussels at the entrance of the operahouse.

Registration mandatory before 1/10/2017 by way of the registration form.



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